OneCOP recognizes that faith based institutions are places of mass gathering, collective action and hosts millions of people weekly in communities of every kind. They are, therefore, largely untapped resources for strengthening police-community cooperation. Violent crime as well as negative exchanges between cops and citizens cannot be addressed by law enforcement officers alone - the entire community must act collectively to address the dual cultures of violence and distrust. OneCOP unites the various assets of faith-based organizations with law enforcement agencies to improve public safety by "Creating a Culture of Consciousness, Concern and Cooperation." Each congregation is partnered with officers at the beat or precinct level, based upon exact location, using various technological tools.  Participating congregations will ‘adopt’ and partner with their respective officers to create strategic trust building as well as crime fighting, prevention and solving activities depending on the specific needs and demographics of each particular area. Houses of worship are places of hope and provide law enforcement efforts ideal entry into communities and neighborhoods. Our efforts will result in an overall increase in public safety and in innovative, structured collaboration between communities and police. All congregations – regardless of size, affiliation, denomination, racial or social composition, or geography – have a role to play in building mutual respect, combating bias and making society safer overall. This is not a religious or sectarian program.